Women Artist Showcase


DATE: March 5th @8:00 PM

WHAT: Women Artist Showcase will be a virtual festival in Baltimore, MD.

HOSTED BY: Amber August

Plus….All Female House Band: C.Jai (keys), Jasmyn Toon (percussion), Jessica Staten (bass), Rachel Winder (saxophone/flute), Sheritta Love Harris (drums)

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We’re really excited about our First Women Artists’ Showcase. We wanted to highlight the women artists in Baltimore City.

And I know of course, I’m not a woman, but as an artist myself, I see the hard work and passion that women put into their craft that doesn’t get recognize! There’s no reason why there isn’t a platform for young Baltimore women of all genres of music to express themselves. So, starting now, we’ll be having an all female showcase so others can see the true talent of Baltimore women.

~ John Tyler ~