The Love Groove Music Festival is changing the landscape for young Baltimore performing and visual artists! Rather than rising artists learning the ropes on their own, Love Groove is designed as a community support approach to provide performance, educational, and networking opportunities for young artists (ages 16 – 40).

Founder/Artist John Tyler started Love Groove in 2017 while in high school (Baltimore Design School) during a time when there were few opportunities for young Baltimore artists to showcase their original works. He also noticed young artists typically stayed within their own music circles leaving little opportunities for growth and networking. Plus, few Baltimore artists were nationally known. Something had to change!

Now embarking on its 5th Music Festival in 2021, Love Groove continues its mission even during the pandemic times, by hosting limited in-person and virtual viewings to raise funds for artists hit hard by the pandemic and to support local charities. To date, 114 artists across four shows have participated in Love Groove’s Showcases.

Love Groove aspires to be the #1 support system for Baltimore Artists. It’s 5th Show will be held on August 28, 2021 at Baltimore Center Stage.

Young talented artists on a major stage, produced by a young Baltimore artist

John Tyler

Founder and Artist